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It is all about Jesus Christ: our Catholic faith; the sacraments; and our Faith Formation program.  We teach the truth of the Gospel by faithfully bearing witness to the Magisterium of the Church.  Christ is the divine teacher who calls us into communion with Him.  Our Faith Formation program seeks only to echo what it has received from Jesus Christ through His bride-the Church.

 Our Faith Formation program follows the words of Mary, "Do whatever He tells you."  We prepare students to live as lifelong disciples of Jesus Christ by following Sacred Tradition and Sacred Scripture.  

Mary_in_prayerOur program takes a methodical approach to learning the Faith.  We begin with God and work through the sacraments, the Church, and other aspects of the faith.  Grades K-8 work with the Faith and Life Series by Ignatius Press.  Each grade has prayers that they must memorize. 

Our High School Program is coursed based and furthers knowledge of dogma and doctrine.  By focusing on one aspect of the faith for 6 consecutive weeks with a catechist that specializes in that area, we are better able to foster learning.

2nd Grade is when students typically receive their 1st Penance and 1st Holy CommunionConfirmation is typically celebrated during the junior year of high school.

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