High School Program


Our Faith Formation program runs a course based program for our high school students.  Students will spend six weeks studying a particular aspect of the faith.  There are six required courses that high school students must take before moving into Confirmation preparation.  Two elective courses also must be taken before admission into Confirmation.  There are five opportunities for students to take these classes.  Students can take classes the summer 1. before their freshman year, 2. during their freshman year, 3. before their sophomore year, 4. during their sophomore year and 5. after their sophomore year.  This gives students the ability to be flexible with their schedule.

The High School Religious Education program takes place at 7:30 on the same evenings as grades 1-8.  Registration form is available on this page.

Required Courses:

Theology of the Body     Social Justice
Old Testament New Testament
Church Eucharist


Elective Courses:

Church History                      The Church Year
Introduction to Catholicism     World Religions
Sacraments Prayer
Defending the Faith The Son of God

Students can also get credit for going on summer trips.  Service trips as well as other summer trips can be counted as an elective course. 


"We proclaim Christ crucified"

             -St. Paul

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