What is Stewardship?

sacrificial givingThere are numerous causes to which we can donate our money: our parish; food banks; homeless shelters; pro-life organizations; crisis pregnancy centers.  We are to use our resources to bring the Gospel to as many people as possible.  Those of us who have been blessed by God should seek to share their blessings with others.

Stewardship is a way of life. It is a way of thanking God for His many gifts. Jesus, The Church and our parish rely on the generosity of our parishioners. We ask all members to prayerfully consider how they can make a return to the Lord for His goodness. 

Some of us have been blessed by God with great wealth while others struggle to make ends meet.  We all have a responsibility for one another.  Those who have the means to aid our brothers and sisters in Christ should seek to do so. 

To help our parish financially contact the parish office at 757-6555 or email the parish at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

You can get the weekly envelopes for sacrificial giving used at Mass or you can submit a request to make your sacrificial giving via Electronic Funds Transfer.

There are various meanings when people use the word stewardship. It can be summed up as a responsibility we each have for the many blessings we have received. Our blessings include our time, talent or finances. If we are responsible with these blessings, it means that we don't hoard them but share them with others.

All people should live a life of stewardship. We are on this earth so stewardship newbriefly, and our possessions don’t go with us when we leave this world.  So it is up to us  to use our time, talent and treasure wisely when we are able to.

Stewardship can be broken down into the three "T"s.   

  1. Treasure – We must share our financial success with those  who have less than we do.
  2. Talent – A good steward shares his or her talents in order  to benefit others.
  3. Time – Our time is one of our most valuable possessions. A  good steward dedicates some of his or her spare time in order to do good.

By giving of our time, talent and treasure, we are good stewards of what we  have been so blessed to have received.

What Are The Characteristics Of Being A Good Steward?

1. Give at All Times No matter where you are: workplace, church, shopping, at home, or in the community, a good steward seeks opportunities to give. At work, we can offer to do a task that no one else wants to do. While shopping let the mother with the crying baby or the person with just a couple of items go before you in line. At home, help out with chores (even if they aren't "your" chores").  Be considerate at all times remembering to say "please" and "thank  you." Try to budget for sacrificial giving into the monthly ledger.

2. Give With Joy When we use what God has given us (time, money, or talent)for the purposes of God we will experience joy. When we give we feel good about it and the people whom we help also feel joy.  When you give we can know that we are doing something  good and worthy.

3. Remember All Is Temporary So many times we think if we give money to the Church that means that I can't get what I want. We can be consumed with the things of this world. What is the point of this?  What is truly important; acquiring things or being a good person?  Being rich or being charitable?  Serving my desire for the newest gadget or helping others? 

Becoming a Good Steward

Becoming a good steward doesn't just happen. It does take some thought and preparation.  So here are some quick tips:

1. Plan We make a budget to cover how we use our money.  We should also consider making a budget to help use budget our gift of time, talent and treasure. Hopefully you already include treasure in your financial budget. Ask yourself what you want to give back to God and the parish this year and take steps each week and/or month to achieving that goal. Our giving is meant to bring us closer to Christ. So, are you becoming the person you want to be?

2. Know the Reason Stewardship takes deliberate action and intention.  In order to do this we must know the reason for our giving. Are you doing this to better yourself, improve your spiritual life, help your parish, and promote the good for the future for your children?  Remembering the reason we give can keep you motivated and help guard against procrastination or laziness. Knowing the reason we give also helps guide us to the ways in which we should give.

3. Stay Balanced We want you to be good stewards. Don't go overboard. Think about what obligations you already have and ask yourself what you can give. What do you have that you can share with us? Do you have free time?  volunteer.  Do you have room in the budget? Donate. Do you have a talent or skill? use it for the good of the parish.

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